CrossPad Public Sale Update

Hey there guys!
As you noticed, we experienced problems during our Public Sale.

Viralsweep Whitelist

This caused a problem with API connection.
We should’ve had the winners randomly picked, same as it happened during the Presale. Sadly, the connection between them failed.
Since that, the “Check Whitelist” function was not working allowing every address to participate.

Website congestion

We reached a peak of around 20,000 users connected at the same time.

The server was so congested that we weren’t able to shut down the Pool page.

What will happen now?

We just ask for cooperation, so in the next couple of hours please do not harass us in DM cause we won’t be able to answer.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, we will try to keep you updated as soon as possible.



The first Native Multi Chain Launchpad

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