CrossPad Tiers-free allocations: disrupting the old tier system structure

Tiers are probably the most discussed argument in Launchpads


  • I own 10,000 tokens and I’m qualified for Platinum:
    Why should I keep the 1,000 extra tokens in my wallet if there aren’t benefits?
    Why should I not sell them on the market?
  • I own 4,500 tokens and I’m qualified for Gold, I don’t have enough money to double my allocation and qualify for the Platinum tier:
    Why there isn’t any incentive to make me buy more tokens?

From all this, comes our idea of a fair and proportional Tiers-free guaranteed allocation.


  • Fair and proportional
  • Tiers-free
  • Guaranteed allocation

- Fair and proportional

Tiers free

Guaranteed allocation

  • ‘a’ is the project’s token allocated for IDO.
  • ‘b’ is CROSS circulating supply.
  • ‘c’ is CROSS that you’re holding.
Amount of tokens purchasable during the various phases of the IDO.



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