CrossPad Tokenomics | Private Seed

Today we are sharing with you our official Tokenomics, which contains information about Sale rounds and prices.

As written on our Website, $CROSS will play a crucial role for investors and next projects.

Starting from the DAO Features, $CROSS community will be the real head of the project, deciding for future projects hosted on our platform, fees, marketing proposal, platform updates, and more.

However, the revolutionary role that $CROSS will bring to the cryptoworld is the Tier-Free System, giving value to every single token held by our investors, defying the obsolete concept of static tiers.

We will talk about that more specifically in the next Medium post, coming tomorrow.

Together with the tokenomics we announce that our Private Seed Round is live, and we are evaluating several requests from Capital Investors.

If you want to be one of the early private investors contact us at:


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