CrossPad x ICOPantera

2 min readMay 8, 2021

Hey there guys!

We are here today to announce another exciting partnership, this time with a huge pillar of the Korean community: ICO Pantera!

Korean DeFi oriented Community

One of the main objectives of this year was indeed building a strong connection with the Asian community, to be prepared with the Huobi integration, so we want to thank the team of ICO Pantera, really professional and prepared, for giving us this great opportunity.

Korea has long been one of the most important markets in the cryptocurrency space, and ICO Pantera has a really strong community of investors and capitals which will help the CrossPad growth consistently.

The connection we found with ICO Pantera is also their massive interest in the DeFi ecosystem: their investors are in fact real experts in Decentralized Finance, so they will be ready to join the CrossPad community very quickly.

We cannot wait to see the huge results ICO Pantera will bring us with their experienced marketing and investments, and this is just the beginning!

We would like to remind you that tomorrow, Sunday 9th we will announce the first IDO hosted on CrossPad so stay tuned on our socials:

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