DBook Platform | Second IDO on CrossPad

2 min readMay 17, 2021

After a couple of days from our first IDO, Habits, it’s time to draw conclusions:

Everything was really smooth and quick, the sale phase has been a real success and the community has been really solid and supportive through those couple of days.

Unfortunately, right now the whole market is facing a little bear phase, so having a successful launch during these days is not that easy.

However, HBX reached a nice peak right after the PCS listing and we are proud of it. Right now the trend is not that positive, as for CROSS, but we have faith in our project and also Habits management.

Both our and their views are long-term oriented, and projects like ours need time to manifest the real value of the token.

Anyway, a new challenge is here today, and we are ready to smash it!

Introducing DBook Platform

We are really thrilled to announce DBook Platform as the second IDO hosted on CrossPad!

Dbook Platform is a distributed platform ownership project. Initial business operation will be a gaming bot that supports the use of stablecoins. A bot will be created on Telegram, allowing users to place bets on our games without the need to register for an account, or even going into a browser for actions, allowing more freedom for our future users who might want to be discreet in their gaming/betting activities.

Learn more about DBK at: https://dbookplatform.medium.com/distributed-platform-ownership-dbk-3e62ed9a7c89

Here to change the game

DBook concept is really original and that will be the key to their success!

With that being said, we will shortly announce the tokenomics and all the important dates for the upcoming days.
We are listening carefully to what the community is looking for, so as a little preview, we can confirm that the initial Marketcap this time will be considerably smaller than the last one!
Stay tuned for further details!

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