Introducing Habits | First IDO on CrossPad

Why we believe in Habits

The main dilemma brands and retailers face today is how to make it easier for online fashion customers to understand what looks good on them.
Habits’ mission is to give back to shoppers what they deserve: the right to try before they buy.

  • Fashion Accessories, available on the iOS and Android App;
  • Fashion Apparel & Accessories, available on the Habits Mirror;

Habits App

For the first time ever, users will have the opportunity to try on every accessory available in the store in real-time directly from their own smartphones, harnessing the latest technology available.

Habits Mirror

The Habits Mirror is an innovative Smart Mirror specially designed for the Habits fashion store that allows users to try on in real-time and shop for every kind of fashion product, from accessories to apparel.

Admin Panel

Brands interact with the Habits Admin Panel, where they can upload new products or request a 3d model digitalization, manage existing products, launch ad campaigns, and edit content.

Fashion Tokenization

Leveraging blockchain, brands will have total control over their marketing expenses: each time an advertised product is digitally tried on, our smart contract activates. This way, if a brand actually spends a token, it means that someone, somewhere, actually tried on the product — and this will stay forever written in the public blockchain.

IDO Details

HBX sale will take place on May 13, 12:00 UTC exclusively on CrossPad.

CrossPad platform: HBX Sale process

A little recap on the method of HBX sale on CrossPad:



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