Introducing Habits | First IDO on CrossPad

4 min readMay 9, 2021

That’s what everybody was waiting for, and finally, here we are!

We are really excited to host on our platform the launch of Habits, a really ambitious Augmented Reality fashion online store.

Why we believe in Habits

The main dilemma brands and retailers face today is how to make it easier for online fashion customers to understand what looks good on them.
Habits’ mission is to give back to shoppers what they deserve: the right to try before they buy.

Their fashion store is split into two areas:

  • Fashion Accessories, available on the iOS and Android App;
  • Fashion Apparel & Accessories, available on the Habits Mirror;

Habits App

For the first time ever, users will have the opportunity to try on every accessory available in the store in real-time directly from their own smartphones, harnessing the latest technology available.

Habits Mirror

The Habits Mirror is an innovative Smart Mirror specially designed for the Habits fashion store that allows users to try on in real-time and shop for every kind of fashion product, from accessories to apparel.

They will also provide services to Brands, as well as customers

Admin Panel

Brands interact with the Habits Admin Panel, where they can upload new products or request a 3d model digitalization, manage existing products, launch ad campaigns, and edit content.

Fashion Tokenization

Leveraging blockchain, brands will have total control over their marketing expenses: each time an advertised product is digitally tried on, our smart contract activates. This way, if a brand actually spends a token, it means that someone, somewhere, actually tried on the product — and this will stay forever written in the public blockchain.

HBX token will have a crucial role in every service provided by Habits, and that is what convinced us the most to host their token sale on CrossPad.

You will find further details about Habits at their Introduction Post.

We strongly think that our investor will find huge value to have early access to HBX and both communities will benefit from the consistent and certain growth Habits will have.

IDO Details

HBX sale will take place on May 13, 12:00 UTC exclusively on CrossPad.

The majority of the pool will be dedicated to CROSS holders, but there will also be a small part open to the public, in order to increase from the beginning the interest on Habits also outside the CrossPad walls.

Habits is also conducting his Private Seed round at the moment, negotiating with several VCs and private investors.
They are still open to new applications, so feel free to ask in their TG.

Private Seed
20,000,000 HBX
1 HBX = 0.000016 BNB
CrossPad Holders Pool
35,000,000 HBX
1 HBX = 0.000022 BNB
CrossPad Public Whitelist Pool
5,000,000 HBX
1 HBX = 0.000022 BNB
15,000,000 HBX
1 HBX = 0.000026 BNB

Listing and Token distribution will take place right after the end of the HBX Sale.

CrossPad platform: HBX Sale process

A little recap on the method of HBX sale on CrossPad:

In order to join the HBX sale, investors need to hold a minimum of 1000 CROSS.
If you’re not familiar with the functionality of our Tier-free allocation system make sure to read our medium post about it:

Check HBX Pools at:

A snapshot of the CROSS holders addresses will happen at a random time in the early morning of 13th May, certifying the allocation for every address.
After that, the HBX pool will be open on our platform, and users will be able to check their allocation.
The allocation will be proportional to the amount of $CROSS held by every user.
Then the first phase will start at 12:00 UTC, May 13th, everyone will have the possibility to buy up to a maximum of his allocation, based on the amount of CROSS held during the snapshot. This phase will last 24H.
The second phase will start at 12:00 UTC, May 14th: FCFS phase where every address will have its allocation doubled.
Then, in an unlikely scenario in which the Hard Cap is not reached, every 24H every allocation will be multiplied x2.

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