Public Sale Guide & 2nd Audit

We are really close to the Public Sale and we want you to be prepared, so here’s a short and easy guide on how to join.

First of all, you can join our Public Sale from Mobile devices with Trust Wallet/Metamask and from Desktop with Metamask.

🕙 10:00 UTC — Whitelist closes.

🕚 11:00 UTC —Pool page goes live.
You’ll be able to check if whitelisted or not.

🕛 12:00 UTC — Public sale starts.
A button will appear under your whitelist result.

How to join with Trust Wallet

  1. If you’re on iOS, open Safari and write: trust://browser_enable to activate the DApp browser:
    If you’re on Android, it is automatically enabled.
  2. On the DApp page, go to with Trust Wallet in-app browser.
  3. Change from Ethereum Network to Binance Smart Chain.

After that, you will be able to check the Whitelist and Join if your address is whitelisted.

How to Join with Metamask

  1. Add Binance Smart Chain Network to Metamask:
  2. Switch from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

If you’re from Mobile, make sure to use the in-app Browser and not the normal one.

TechRate Audit

It has been in our GitBook for a while but we wanted to officialize it by publishing it in a proper medium post.
We’re proud to announce that CrossPad has been 2nd audited by TechRate.

No issues were found in our Smart Contract, this is the brief report:

If you want to consult the full audit, you can find it here:




The first Native Multi Chain Launchpad

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The first Native Multi Chain Launchpad

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