IDO Details

DBK sale will take place on May 23, 12:00 UTC exclusively on CrossPad.

Due to the high success of the portion dedicated to CrossPad community, this time we decided to give all the allocation to CROSS holders, as mutually agreed with DBook team.

However, due to the high volatility of these days, we decided to try out a vesting period to prevent huge dumps, so 50% of the allocation will be distributed on listing, 25% after 15 days and the last 25% after 30 days.

CrossPad Holders Pool
224,737 DBK
1 DBK = 0.00243 BNB
83,333 DBK
1 DBK = 0.00308 BNB
Circulating Supply at…

After a couple of days from our first IDO, Habits, it’s time to draw conclusions:

Everything was really smooth and quick, the sale phase has been a real success and the community has been really solid and supportive through those couple of days.

Unfortunately, right now the whole market is facing a little bear phase, so having a successful launch during these days is not that easy.

However, HBX reached a nice peak right after the PCS listing and we are proud of it. …

That’s what everybody was waiting for, and finally, here we are!

We are really excited to host on our platform the launch of Habits, a really ambitious Augmented Reality fashion online store.

Why we believe in Habits

The main dilemma brands and retailers face today is how to make it easier for online fashion customers to understand what looks good on them.
Habits’ mission is to give back to shoppers what they deserve: the right to try before they buy.

Their fashion store is split into two areas:

  • Fashion Accessories, available on the iOS and Android App;
  • Fashion Apparel & Accessories, available on the Habits…

Hey there guys!

We are here today to announce another exciting partnership, this time with a huge pillar of the Korean community: ICO Pantera!

Korean DeFi oriented Community

One of the main objectives of this year was indeed building a strong connection with the Asian community, to be prepared with the Huobi integration, so we want to thank the team of ICO Pantera, really professional and prepared, for giving us this great opportunity.

Korea has long been one of the most important markets in the cryptocurrency space, and ICO Pantera has a really strong community of investors and capitals which will help the CrossPad…

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with BSC Daily, one of the largest News and Updates providers in the BSC ecosystem.

With their help, CrossPad will take a massive step forward for the marketing strategy, covering the Binance Smart Chain world.

They will provide a full service composed of AMAs, tweets, and posts in their channels, reaching thousands and thousands of members.

We will start with them at the end of the week with the announce our first IDO.

But that’s not all!

Since we are less than 2 hours away from the listing here’s a quick guide on how to buy from PancakeSwap.

Useful informations:

Token contract:
PancakeSwap trade link:


First of all, you will have to wait for 12:00 UTC and then go on our website:

And then click on the ‘Trade now’ button.

  • This pop-up will load automatically, you will have to tick “I understand” and then click on “Continue”

After a long meeting between the team members, we came out with a forced conclusion.

There were 2 main reasons that led us to this solution:

The first one is about the community:
We are receiving hundreds and hundreds DMs from users praying us to keep them in.
As you can check with your own eyes, we received almost 5,000 transactions.
This means that we would have to accept just less than 100 users and refund more than 4900 of them. …

Hey there guys!
As you noticed, we experienced problems during our Public Sale.

Viralsweep Whitelist

The first main problem was from ViralSweep, which had an unexpected downtime.
We contacted them as soon as possible to fix it, and that was their response:

This caused a problem with API connection.
We should’ve had the winners randomly picked, same as it happened during the Presale. Sadly, the connection between them failed.
Since that, the “Check Whitelist” function was not working allowing every address to participate.

Website congestion

The second issue was the high traffic experienced on the website:

We are really close to the Public Sale and we want you to be prepared, so here’s a short and easy guide on how to join.

First of all, you can join our Public Sale from Mobile devices with Trust Wallet/Metamask and from Desktop with Metamask.

🕙 10:00 UTC — Whitelist closes.

🕚 11:00 UTC —Pool page goes live.
You’ll be able to check if whitelisted or not.

🕛 12:00 UTC — Public sale starts.
A button will appear under your whitelist result.

How to join with Trust Wallet

  1. If you’re on iOS, open Safari and write: trust://browser_enable to activate the DApp browser:

CrossPad vanishes the single-chain limits of a capital raise for ambitious multichain projects.
Are you interested in launching your project with us?
This is your chance!

Please allow up to 48h/72h for the review of the application.

Public Sale

If you’re just a user remember that the Public Sale Whitelist is ongoing, so you’re still in time to enter!

Whitelist end : 2nd May 10:00 UTC.
Winners announcement : 2nd May 11:00 UTC.
Public Sale start : 2nd May 12:00 UTC.
Public Sale price: $0.020


The first Native Multi Chain Launchpad

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